About Dispendix

We, the Dispendix GmbH, are a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart, Germany. At IPA a novel liquid handling technology, called I-DOT („Immediate-Drop-On-Demand technology“) has been developed to establish an efficient, flexible alternative non-contact solution for liquid handling tasks for nano- to microliter volumes.


Our vision is to establish a simple and elegant gold-standard in non-contact liquid handling.


The Team


Harry Boeltz Dispendix

Harry Böltz, CEO

Harry Böltz  has 17 years of experience in the life science tools business, distribution and key account management as well as building sales and support teams. His passion is to bring new, exciting and promising technologies into the market and has an extensive track record in introducing disruptive technologies in the area of pico liter dispensing, qPCR and enzyme free gene expression systems. Harry has an excellent global and international network to leading academic institutions and pharma companies. Harry Böltz studied Biotechnology at the University for Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Germany.




Christopher Laske, CTO

Christopher Laske has studied mechatronics and has extensive experience in the fields of mechanical, electronic and software development. He has accompanied the development of the I-DOT technology over the last six years. During this period he has developed different generations of I-DOT devices and many different technologies to enhance the dosing accuracy. As a result he has achieved a deep technical and scientific understanding of the technology. Furthermore, he has managed and worked in different projects in the laboratory automation since 2008. Thus he acquired a systematic thinking and is able to find new and creative solutions for complex problems.



Gunter Festel Dispendix

Gunter Festel

Gunter Festel has a deep understanding of scientific and business aspects due to 20 years‘ experience in technology development and commercialisation of new technologies working for companies, like Bayer, McKinsey, Arthur D. Little and his own company Festel Capital. He has co-founded 10 (bio-) technology companies in Germany and Switzerland. For example, he was founder and CEO of TES Triton Environmental Solutions, which was sold to Triton Water in Germany in 2009. He was also co-founder and CEO of Butalco developing a biotechnology platform for the production of biofuels and biochemicals, which was sold to the French company Lesaffre in 2014. Gunter Festel has a good global network within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.



Andreas Traube Dispendix

Andreas Traube

Andreas Traube is experienced in management of interdisciplinary scientific teams in laboratory automation and in transfer of scientific results in industrial applications. During his career at Fraunhofer IPA (since 2005), he worked and managed in more than 20 different projects in laboratory automation and obtained experience in acquisition, execution of ambitious project goals. Thus he acquired international recognition in lab automation networks. His passion is to find smart technical and applied solutions for optimal workflows in life sciences. In one project Andreas co-invented I-DOT together with Tobias. Since 2012, Andreas is the head of the department for laboratory automation and biomanufacturing engineering at Fraunhofer IPA and is responsible for 25 co-workers. Andreas studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart.



Tobias Brode Dispendix Team

Tobias Brode

Tobias Brode has worked for Fraunhofer for the last 9 years. He acquired, managed and worked in over 20 different laboratory automation projects. In one of these projects the I-DOT technology was invented. He headed a group for liquid handling and related robotics with up to 10 engineers. In this time they worked in several application fields like pharma screening, PCR preparation, cell culture automation and diagnostics. Tobias Brode built up a good network to the laboratory automation industry. Tobias Brode is head of the business unit medical engineering and biotechnology at Fraunhofer IPA. In this position he uses his network to the laboratory automation industry (e.g. as Director at SiLA) to match the broad technology offers of a research institute with the demands of the life science industry.