I-DOT Application Areas

Dispendix PCR preparation

PCR preparation

  1. qRT/PCR in a high throughput 1536-well format (or any other well format)
  2. Less than 1 µl total volume per data point



Dispendix IC50 Studies

IC50 studies

  • Direct titration
  • High dynamic range (1 : 250 000)



Dispendix Cell Printing

Cell printing

  • High cell viability (> 95%)
  • Single Cell dispensing
  • Primary cells (fibroblasts, keratinocytes, …)
  • Stem cells (human mesechymal SC, iPSC, …)



Dispendix Array Generation

Array generation

  • Up to 7500 spots on a single Glass Slide
  • Mixing of up to 96 different liquids on each spot

Your application

Your application

  • I-DOT can perform much more application areas,
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