I-DOT One Dispensing Plates

The “Immediate Drop on Demand Technology” is implemented in the I-DOT dispensing plates. The plates consist of an SBS compatible polystyrol frame. The frame accommodates up to 96 dispensing wells. The I-DOT dispensing plates are configured to meet your low and high throughput needs.

I-DOT dispensing plates are compatible to a variety of liquids. The range is from aqueous solutions containing salts and other ingredients, reagents used for qPCR assays, DMSO up to 100%, Matrigel and many other liquids commonly used in labs. Additionally the I-DOT dispensing plates can also handle solvents such as, but not limited to, methanol and acetonitrile. Additionally to liquids, dispensing of living cells is one of the strengths of the I-DOT dispensing plates.

I-DOT dispensing plates are specifically designed to be used with our I-DOT One acoustic non-contact dispensing systems.

There are two types of dispensing plates available:

  • I-DOT Pure Plates
  • I-DOT Silica Plates
I-DOT Pure Plates I-DOT Silica Plates
Orifice 90 µm 60 µm
Dispensing volume (aqueous solutions) 10 . . 80.000 nL 2 . . 80.000 nL
Well format Single wells 8-well strips
Material wells Polypropylene (PP) Polycarbonate (PC)
Material frame Polystyrol (PS)
Plate format 96
Compatible with I-DOT One


I-DOT Silica and Pure