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Category: General, Published by Dispendix on 29. März 2018

Wir stellen ein!

Du bist Student/-in im Studiengang Maschinenbau, Mechatronik oder Automatisierungstechnik und willst dein gelerntes Wissen anwenden und dich weiterentwickeln? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! Wir suchen ab sofort Hilfswissenschaftler (HiWi’s) und Praktikanten für unseren Standort in Stuttgart-Vaihingen in direkter Nähe zur Universität.

Weitere Infos findest du hier.

Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung!

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Category: General, Published by Dispendix on 31. Januar 2018

Application Note: Accuracy and Precision measured with Artel MVS

The Immediate Drop on Demand Technology (I-DOT) is a new approach for non-contact low volume dispensing.

Together with Artel Inc we have created a application note providing typical data for accuracy and precision for the I-DOT One dispensing platform utilizing the Artel MVS. The results demonstrate that the I-DOT One can produce both accurate and precise non-contact liquid transfers while providing a highly flexible platform in terms of throughput, volumes and liquids.

You can download the application note by following this link.

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Category: General, Published by Dispendix on 19. Januar 2018

Dispendix at SLAS 2018, San Diego, USA

SLAS2018 is the annual flagship International Conference and Exhibition from SLAS. Through a unique combination of education, access to innovative technologies and intelligent peer networking, SLAS2018 delivers unmatched value for professionals and students looking to discover the latest life sciences technologies and how they can be applied to drive research objectives.

Visit Dispendix during SLAS2018 in San Diego, USA from Feb. 3 –  7, 2018.

You find us at booth 1751.


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Category: General, Published by Dispendix on 19. Januar 2018

I-DOT coupled with mass spectrometry

Recent I-DOT publication:

Van Berkel et.al. report on “Immediate drop on demand technology (I-DOT) coupled with mass spectrometry via an open port sampling interface“. This immediate drop on demand technology/open port sampling interface/ESI–MS combination allowed for the quantitative analysis of relatively small mass analytes and was used for the identification of macromolecules like proteins.

Download the full paper at Future-Science: https://www.future-science.com/doi/full/10.4155/bio-2017-0104

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Category: Eventstitle_li=General, Published by Dispendix on 06. September 2016

Dispendix at MipTec 2016, Basel

Visit Dispendix during the MipTec, Basel, Switzerland, from September 20 – 22, 2016.

You find us at the booth D46.

Learn directly in live demonstrations the potentials of I-DOT for your application.

Logo_MipTec 2016

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Category: General, Published by Dispendix on 31. Mai 2016

I-DOT at Single Cell Technologies 2016, Frankfurt

Fraunhofer IPA will present the I-DOT technology from April 2 to 3 at Single Cell Technologies 2016: Advances in isolation, handling and analytics of single cells in Frankfurt, Germany.

At the „ LEAD DISCOVERY AND TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS “ session on Friday June 2nd Lena Schober will be presenting a lecture about handling of cells in nanoliter scale with the I-DOT technology.

For more information on this event, please visit http://dechema.de/singlecell2016.html