I-DOT One Non-Contact Dispensers

I-DOT One Instruments

I-DOT One instruments are designed for simple, reliable and robust non-contact acoustic dispensing. They are specifically built for the use with 96 well I-DOT Silica Plates and I-DOT Pure Plates. Each of the dispensing wells can be addressed individually, i.e. each well can dispense a different volume and to a different position on a target plate. Up to 96 different liquids can be used within one dispensing run.
To accommodate different needs in terms of throughput we are offering the I-DOT One dispensers with one to twelve accessible source plate columns. Each additional source plate column increases the number of different liquids per run by eight. A later upgrading is easily possible.

The I-DOT One dispensers have a integrated touch monitor, can be used stand alone and are prepared for 3rd party integration.

I-DOT One specifications
Volume range 2 . . 80.000 nl
Accuracy (aqueous solutions) < 5 % (≥ 100 nL) and < 8 % (< 100 nL) More Info
Precision (aqueous solutions) < 5 % (≥ 100 nL) and < 8 % (< 100 nL) More Info
No. of I-DOT dispensing plates 1
No. of destination plates 1
Destination plate types Any SBS-compatible well plate, e.g. 96, 384, 1.536, 3.456 well
Custom destination types
SiLA compatible for 3rd party integration
Time to dispense a 384 well plate 20 seconds
Time to dispense a 1536 well plate 80 seconds
No. of different liquids per run Max. 8 . . 96

I-DOT Assay Studio Software

Using the included I-DOT Assay Studio software it is incredible easy to setup and perform an experiment. The overall process only takes a few steps. So you can concentrate on your work, ideas and results.