I-DOT One Non-Contact Dispensers

Dispendix I-DOT One

I-DOT One instruments are designed for simple, reliable and robust non-contact dispensing. Instruments are specifically built for the use with I-DOT Silica Plates. 2 models, I-DOT One “SC” and “MC”, are offered to accommodate different needs in terms of throughput. I-DOT One SC can be upgraded to the MC-system. Both instruments can be used stand alone and are prepared for 3rd party integration.


No. of I-DOT Silica Plates 1
Volume Range 2 nL – 80 µl
Custom Destination
Accuracy (aqueous solutions) < 5 %
Precision (aqueous solutions) < 3%
Destination plate:
any SBS-compatible well plate,
e.g. 96, 384, 1.536 MTP Destination Plate
No. of Destination Plates 1
SiLA compatible for integration
Time to dispense a 384 well plate < 160 seconds < 20 seconds
Time to dispense a 1536 well plate < 640 seconds < 80 seconds
No. of different liquids per run Max. 8 Max. 96



I-DOT Silica Plates

Dispendix Silicon Plate

The “Immediate Drop on Demand Technology” is implemented in the I-DOT Silica Plates. The plates consist of an SBS compatible polycarbonate frame. The frame accommodates up to 96 8-strip-dispensing wells. I-DOT Silica Plates are configured to meet your throughput needs. I-DOT One instruments are specifically designed to accommodate I-DOT Silica Plates.
I-DOT Silica Plates are compatible to a variety of liquids.

The range is from aqueous solutions containing salts and other ingredients, reagents used for qPCR assays, DMSO up to 100% and many other liquids commonly used in labs. Additionally the I-DOT Silica plates can also handle solvents such as, but not limited to methanol and acetonitrile.

Additionally to liquids, dispensing of living cells is one of the strengths of I-DOT Silica Plates.

I-DOT Silica Plate with no. of 8-Strip-dispensing-wells No. of different liquids I-DOT One SC I-DOT One MC
1 8
2 16
3 24
6 48
12 96